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10 - 12 October 2019 Baku Expo Center

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At the Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition the corporations, industrial enterprises and personnel agencies offer their own vacancies and internships for students and professionals. “Career” 2018 is:

“Career” Exhibition is:

  • 12 years of success
  • 1 566 sq.m. exhibition area
  • More than 100 exhibitors
  • The opportunity to meet  with a large number of qualified applicants
  • The opportunity  to represent the brand and image creation
  • The opportunity to participate in a broad advertising campaign to promote your brand and business
  • Creating and managing a business contact database
  • Researching your competition and assessmenting of the marketing potential of your company
  • The opportunity to organise workshops and other events
  • The unique opportunity  for establishing direct contacts with government and private sector representatives
  • The opportunity to organise workshops and other events

Product Categories of Exhibition

  • Companies-employers: holdings, large state and private companies
  • Agencies of Employment and Labor
  • Centers for vocational guidance and employment
  • Media, recruiting and career sites

Career 2018 - Facts and Figures 

Number of participants: 135

Domestic participants: 70

International participants: 65

Number of participating countries: 12

Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan

National groups from: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey

97% of participating companies established new business contacts

88% of exhibitors are satisfied with quality of the attendees

91% of participants are expected to sign business agreements after the exhibition

Visitors: 11808

Geographical spread of visitors:
Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Irak, Israel, Kazahstan, Nepal, Scotland, USA, Russia, Georgia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Turkey.

*Hold in parallel with the Education exhibition.


Jeyhun Bayramov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
“The prestigious Education exhibition opens up extensive opportunities for meaningful discussions as well as the presentation of new projects among youth, educational institutions and the business sector. The exhibition has become one of the leading events in the field of successful career planning and human resource management. Higher education institutions use such events, which demonstrate the dynamics of contemporary society, to analyse future development perspectives and trends. In these contemporary communication venues, educational institutions and business organisations provide young people with a wealth of information on their professional education and career opportunities”.

Orkhan Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of the Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Republic of Azerbaijan
“The 12th Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition will play an important role in employing Azerbaijani youth, which is one of the most important tasks facing the Azerbaijan Republic. The vacancies enumerated by local and foreign enterprises and holding companies, along with direct employment for many, will illustrate to our young people what knowledge and skills they need to acquire in keeping with the requirements being sought to fill these specific vacancies”.

Mammad Musayev, President, National Confederation of Entrepreneurs’ (Employers’) Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan
“The Education and Career exhibitions, which have become the most important annual forums for education and human resources in the region, present the latest achievements and new opportunities in education and career in our country, while creating a platform for dialogue among business, students and professionals. It further affords an opportunity to get acquainted with the sector’s innovations during the exhibition period, to establish different relationships, and to strengthen mutual relations with the existing target audience. I am confident that Education and Career exhibitions will contribute to the development of an effective and competitive education sector in Azerbaijan”.

Elnara Mahmudova, Deputy Director of “Avropada Karyera” (“Career in Europe”) LLC
“This is not our first participation at the Education exhibition, and we are always satisfied with its organisation and results”